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Family law can be one of the most emotional areas of the law. It’s therefore vital that you have the right lawyer on your side. Not only, do you need to be confident in their expertise but you also need to be comfortable in dealing with them as one human to another.

Family law is essentially the area of the law which deals with births, deaths, and marriages, and all variations on them, such as adoptions and divorces. Family law can be massively complex, especially in situations that involve other areas of the law as well. For example, international adoptions are mainly a matter of family law but also involve immigration law.

The nature of family law means that cases are often both complex and emotionally sensitive. This means that it’s best to get a specialist family lawyer on your side as quickly as possible. They can guide you through the complexity while understanding and respecting your emotions.

Family Law deals with issues such as:

Property Division

  • Equalization of Net Family
  • Property
  • International Property/Assets
  • Marriage Contracts

Support Payments

  • Spousal Support
  • Child support
  • Common law Spouses
  • Lump Sum Payments

Custody and Access

  • Custody and Access
  • schedules/Agreements
  • Travel and Mobility Rights
  • Holidays and Vacations
  • Children’s Aid Society
  • Supervised Access

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